Sunday, July 24, 2016


Most of us agree on the idea that 
all that we are and know moves in cycles ...
except for our perception of 
our every day physical life experiences,
that we have created as a linear time idea/event ...
to be able to look at it 
from a past-present-future perspective.

This definition/idea of life
created from what we've been taught to believe to be true
creates a separation, a gap ...
between who we perceive ourselves to be in physical 
and who we truly are
 as multi-dimensional spiritual beings.

Defining ourselves as such,
 as linear 
born - live - die 
physical beings of the human race on Earth,
without any or very little power 
to change the life we were raised to live,
is coming to an end.

This Life perception that we've inherited 
and lived in cycles over and over again,
 in which we've been
living in fear of not surviving, 
if we don't follow the  script and rules made up for us.
We have lived to do the "right thing" to belong ...
 in the 3D game of life on earth,
that we've co-created playing ourselves 
from an outside point of view,
living and breathing the idea of polarities of 
good and bad, light and dark ruled by conditional love.

We have experienced aeons of cycles of living in this state of fear,
in segregation, separation, power over, power under ...
for-boding the 'worst-case-scenarious' as we've been
playing with 'our play-stations,'
 creating a verity of 3D realities
that we have wanted to explore ...

Our physical Life on Earth is like an exquisite 3D game, 
where we are the remote keepers in charge (without knowing it,)
the play-station wizards playing within the scripts 
we've been given ...
We are pure conscious awareness,
without knowing/remembering that we are ... 

We learned from our experiences
and from our old linear game scripts,
games with very small variations, 
with the same never ending themes of
big wars, terror and lots of hidden manipulative deceptions and 
power abuse to scare (the idea of ) under-dogs, victims ...

We have learned from playing these games and found that
the perpetrators in our 3D games 
are in the deepest fears of being revealed,
shouting louder and louder to scare more 
and hide behind the wall of fear ... 
while us humans behind the play-stations 
have kept on playing the games and 
become so skilled that we've found ourselves bored of 
the perpetrator - victim life-game and 
are seeking more advanced games ...
seeking change ... a life-game-changer ...
evolved ideas of games closer to home, to source.

We have had and are here to have 
exactly the life experiences we are having 
by freedom of choice ...
We are learning 
that our wheels of evolution are spinning
faster and faster in our realities and that 
the old games are ending by revealing themselves
in the light of new technology ...
the deceitful hidden scripts of the old games are 
revealing themselves 
in the self-reflecting perceptions of events and people
 within the hall of mirrors. 

What we choose to believe 
is what we shall see ...
is what is filling our new high tech play-stations 
with new game changing ideas of realities to explore 
from a multi-dimensional non linear perspective ...
We are realizing more and more that the big game changers 
have always been within ourselves ...
they have just been hiding in the dark within,
so we could learn about ourselves and creation exploring 
the idea of 
being separated from existence, 
powerless and helpless in fear ...

Our Own Sacred Minds ...
the Mind of our Hearts and our Higher Minds
are aligned with the Center of Creation, with Source  
and always ready 
to provide us and help us with all that we need
 to remember and be more of who we truly are...
if we just 
would silence ourselves and listen for guidance 
instead of
 screaming and crying and projecting and blaming in fear,
just because we're scared of losing control and being wrong ...

Many of us have been praying for change
for a long time,
and here it is in its fruit-fullness and birth giving chaos and 
now we have to face our fears of letting go of the old scarcity and
realize that so many of us still are desperately clinging onto 
the scary negative worlds in complete terrorizing fear
of what the unknown new will bring us ...
not realizing that we with our beliefs are the creators of the new,
individually and collectively ...

The wheel of evolution 
has made a serious turn and keep increasing its speed 
to bring illumination to all that needs to go ...
We have the freedom to choose
if we wish to make our transition into a higher frequency
in a more or a less challenging way 
by holding on to our old beliefs or by letting go 
to be able to allow our new abundance to realize,
step by step with Love.

With Love and Peace in Perfect Harmony,

Saturday, July 16, 2016


The mutable year of change ... 2016

Astrologically this year is showing us 
how rigid and fixed 
we have become in our beliefs
defining our Life on Earth.

We can all see the consequences these days 
of rigidly holding onto old limited fear beliefs
in the wars between different beliefs around us ...

"Since I am right you have to be wrong"
so "I'll judge and punish you so you'll know "...

While I think most people don't even question
or know why they believe what they believe ...
they just keep believing what they believe, 
because everybody else in their social circles of 
family and friends and culture and religion
believe that way ...
The curse of wanting to fit in and belong ...

What if we had no names or labels defining
people or religions or cultures or jobs or ...
What would you and I and All others choose to believe??
and How would we know what to believe?? 
With no set ways of validation 
there would be less or none at all of right or wrong.

If there wasn't 
a box of fixed belonging and false security and 
conditional love tagged onto this box that many choose ...
what would we choose??
Most of us humans stay in the boxes we were
provided as little ones out of fear of alienation and loss,
segregation and being shunned 
if we chose to leave the only box
we know to exist ... 

What we do to fit in??!!
We compromise and sacrifice our own Truth and 
agree to follow the masses,
 to be part of an unhappy, but somewhat safe and known group.
Most humans live and struggle in misery, 
and experience de-pression
more or less ...
How many can honestly state they are as Happy
as they imagine they'd Love to be??!!

The happiest humans on Earth (I believe) are those,  
who choose to live to learn about self ,
to know and consciously(!) learn from experiences
and to create new ways of living life from our own Truth
that we are in charge of how we feel and Live life ...

What we take ownership over we can also change!
All new becomes old news at some point,
so stay mutable ...

If all humans remembered 
 that our state of being, our feelings, 
create our life in our 3D physical Life of matter ...
we would pay much more attention to our thoughts and feelings!
 Humans that still live and breathe 
believing that they are powerless and helpless
to some unknown power monster outside them,
fight to justify and prove their worth and who they are
 and often harm others as they move along
in a fatal war they cannot win ...

Our personal state of being matters,
no matter the circumstances of 
color, faith, gender, chaos, drama, war, peace etc.

I have tried a life both as 
"a bitter almond" and 
"a sweet almond" and 
I definitely love the taste of the latter much more ...

What we put out returns  instantly as a bumerang ...
the Law of the Universe and 
the Power of our Creative mind ...

I think it is critical at this point in time 
that we take an honest look 
at the belief systems and definitions and labels,
that we judge ourselves by as well as the world outside us ...

Belief Systems and Definitions
that we learned to follow as young souls
 (with little or no memory of our True Self)
stepping onto this Earth experience ...
were given to us from authorities living in fear,
(sharing all they knew)
or we stole them from some teacher 
we both admired and/or resented ...
without even understanding the roots of these beliefs, 
that we took to heart.

What Do You Believe?? 
Why do You Believe what you Believe???
Do You Truly Know???

Are Your Beliefs providing you a Life 
in Health and Peace and Harmony and Love filled Happiness ...
are You successfully thriving in Abundance and
Excitement to become more of You,
 excited to feel Loved and to be able to Love more ???
are you still in a constant battle in fear of what might show up
to make you fail or 
to take your life away or someone or something close to you,
to punish you, and to shame you because you are guilty
of not being perfect in your own eyes and the eyes of others ...

We are at a turning point this year and 
our dark shadow sides are showing us the way to change ...
We are not able to cling onto the old any more ...
just surrender and Let Go ...

 Where ever we are in Life we need to let go 
and find our own Truth agin, our own Creativity ...
We are here to find Our Own Life and Purpose 
 to Live and Love and Create!

Follow what makes you Happy and Inspired!
That is Gods voice talking to You from inside of You ...

with Love and Peace in Harmony,

Sunday, July 10, 2016


 that we create our own reality
each one of us ...
If we didn't agree that we are
 the powerful creators of our own experiences,
we could never change them ...

that someone else, something else outside of us
is creating our reality for us,
to not have to be responsible ...
If this is what we prefer to believe,
we choose a life of feeling 
 hopelessly helpless and powerless,
a 'no good' victim in hiding ... 

that we are pure consciousness,
and that we can choose to increase our conscious awareness
of who we are every moment of every day ...
by learning from the experiences we encounter
rather than wasting our time 
pointing fingers in blame, 
judging, and criticizing 
and raging in an urge to punish anyone 
who reminds us of our own internal hurts and pains,
our own anger and rage, 
our own struggles and misery and depression ...
anyone who reminds us of our own believed lack of perfection,
our own misalignments to our Higher Self.

that if we choose to own 
our thoughts and our feelings,
our reactions and actions ...
we can change every single one of them
  if we don't enjoy how they make us feel.
That is how powerful we are!!!

that we are in charge of who we want to be 
and thus we are also in charge and can let go of any 
 urges to project our hurts and pains onto other people,
any wishes to punish someone in revenge to make them feel 
the same piercing pain we feel in our own hearts ...
we can let go of
our habitual thoughts to separate and segregate and validate 
through judgement and criticism 
to feel safer ...

that there is no outside other than our own reflection of 
who we have become (so far),
 created by the beliefs and definitions
that we have been taught to believe in to survive ...

that all the changes we desire need to happen 
within each one of us before they can realize outside 
in our perceived mirrors ...

that we can change instantly through making conscious choices;
by taking responsibility over our state of being,
our state of being tends to turn into matter ;-)...
(Love matter or Fear matter ...)
by ending all our habitual projections 
and by making a conscious choice to own and allow
our feelings to reveal themselves to us just the way they are,
without shame and feelings of guilt ...
we have now embarked
 on a conscious journey of conscious change.

Hurt people hurt others!!!
Loving people Love and Appreciate Diversity!!!

Allow those Hurts to heal by allowing Love in ...

with Love and Peace in Perfect Harmony,

Sunday, June 12, 2016


If we were to experience our world
with no names,
no labels,
no polarities,
no different forms and shapes,
no different sounds,
no different rhythms,
no different colors,
no different flavors,
no different scents,
no different temperatures,
no different cultures,
no different natures,
no different religions,
no different politics,
no different beliefs,
no different feelings,
no different actions
no imagination vs "reality,"
no gravity, density, lucidity, seen, unseen ...
no Love ... no Fear etc
we would have nothing to choose between
and the idea of earths to help creation grow 
would not be.


GONE ...

The Inner Light and the unconditional Love
that we are made of 
is our Lantern guiding us out from the very darkness that 
we have experienced for aeons in our physical linear time
living in fear trying to survive on our own,
in the illusion of being separated from our Soul our own Truth. 

A crack of Light has opened up to humanity, 
nurturing and healing and revitalizing
and reconnecting us with our Souls with Love,
but as we reconnect 
we have to let go of all that we have been taught to believe, 
that has led us astray from our personal truth,
from our passion, from our soul purpose.

On our sacred journey back home to our own Truth
we need the dark to be able to choose our preference.
We have become so comfortable living in fear
that we resist letting it go ...
Fear feels safer than the forgotten love 
for many still.

We label and name our differences and our different journeys
often with harshness
to justify our own pretentious (resistance to) change ...
We point fingers and blame and criticize and judge
the people walking their talk in the light 
while they are learning more about themselves
and cry out for punishment for the beings that have chosen
to represent the dark side of life 
while exploring the darkest of the dark,
without acknowledging the deep fear we all have chosen 
to live with and explore and learn from. and then let go of.
Hurt Beings Hurt!
In our ignorance as a human race
we see the dark side of Life as our enemy
something that needs to be eliminated 
to make us safe.


All the actions fueled by segregation and separation
and judgement and poisonous stings of blame and name calling, 
(adult bullying that we so condemn in children, while we teach them the skill)
that most individuals of the human race pour out
 in times of chaos and birth of a new way of life
is ignited by the darkness/negative synchronisities, 
that humans still living in total fear show us the true colors of.
They help us bring out our own shadows  of anger and grief and 
misalignments that we hide behind a facade of 
self sacrificing conditional love
 to be able to be 
pretentiously be accepted and conditionally loved
by the collective.

We need to pay more attention to where our focus takes us ...
are we habitually looking for flaws and negative aspects
in events and people ...
(creating more of the same)
or are we able to 
shift our point of view towards what we can learn
from our shadowy experience and 
illuminate what is ready to be discovered within 
and acknowledged and released if not serving our higher good.
What has happened is already created ...
where do we want to go from here??

with Love and Peace in Perfect harmony,

Saturday, June 11, 2016


the year when the mutable signs of the Zodiac 
are having a feast on our behalf and 
our life, the way we have perceived it for aeons.

We always have the choice to move with the currents
to make the shifts and changes we want,
 with ease and grace or we can make it a struggle of resistance ...
All change can be Effortless, yet challenging, 
 like a tricky and fun jive or salsa,
we can learn skills and techniques and moves to help us 
 let go and join the playful rhythms 
step by step, move by move.

When we are scared 
of failing the next step and/or resist to let go
our bodies contract and we hold our breaths ...
we end up outside our natural flow and 
 experience more struggles than necessary and 
find ourselves helplessly out of alignment with our True Self.
Mutable energies need us to be flexible and not fixed
for them to be able to help us 
shift and change into new ways of Life ...
 not get stuck in our right(!) ego plans when 
our True Self
brings abrupt changes to those plans.

There is something much more on the way in ...
Our True Self is unfolding ...
Let Go! 
of what you were taught to be You and allow ...

We may need to
 agree to the possibility that there is a natural plan,
a higher plan for our transformational changes,
 than the plans we are used to follow.
It may be time for us 
to let go of trying to control and micro-manage
how our life should unfold and realize!

The Crack of Light 
has become way clearer and way bigger and
is magnetically 
pulling us towards our natural center of LOVE.

We are turning and bending ourselves with longing,
like a plant in a dark basement,
 where the concrete structures have been broken apart 
by the unpredictable movements of mother earth ...
where the cracks of light 
have opened up throughout the old dried out walls 
nurturing rays of light into the dark spaces of Life 
for the plants - for the human race ... for us 
to connect again with the warmth and the creative innocence
and abundant unconditional Love that we are made of ... 

To be able to connect, 
we need to dis-connect 
from the ways and signals of our old fear filled life of survival,
from the outside worlds that mirror our fears and confusion,
and the powerlessness and helplessness and co-dependency,
 that we've been taught to listen to and follow to feel safe,
 to continue to live in misery and struggles
and hard work.

Listen to the Voice within and 
Be Bold and Courageous!

Our Senses, Our physical Bodies
are letting us know moment to moment,
when we are on our True Path ...
we feel a buzz of joy and happiness and inspiration
right before we may talk ourselves out of it and 
resist our gift of opportunity ...
Rather than being true to ourselves we choose doubt ...

When we allow ourselves 
to hear and listen to the music and rhythms within 
we always find the clarity and the inner knowing
where to put down our feet for our next move ...
to find the perfect alignment with our own true path,
perfectly synched within our collective worlds to inspire,
 while allowing the rest of humanity to walk their path
the way they are choosing to ...
We All have a Purpose and 
the only One we need to know is our own.

with Love and Peace in Perfect Harmony,

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The Light inside,
the clarity around our True Path
is about to get fired up and illuminated
by Mars going into Shadow this week,
getting ready to gradually retrograde  
back from Sagittarius into Scorpio  
(February - August)
to revisit and shed New Intensified Light 
 into the Depths and Heights of who we Truly are and 
help us to finally illuminate new aspects of True Self and
the old false aspects of a diminished self in fear, 
that we have been living
for as long as we can remember.

I would like to not look at this
as something 
happening outside us and/or happening to us, 
but rather integrate it into our physical experience, 
all the stars and the planets as sacred aspects of 
the inner archetypes of who we are
and recognize and perceive them a
mere reflections from far 
showing us what we are up to and what we are ready to face
in our different universes.

Mars the warrior of fire,
the ruler of our first House of Self,
of New Beginnings, our Passion ...
Our Fiery Transformational aspect, 
working like a torch burning away 
what is old and dried up;
negative ego beliefs 
that don't serve our growth and our expansion
any longer.
Our Own Sacred Fire Bird within, 
the Phoenix ...
setting itself on fire to rise again from its ashes,
 renewed and rejuvenated.

Like burning down old trees and brush in nature;
new seeds and plants are nurtured and
given new life within the ashes from what was.

Our Creative Passion within is on fire,
 burning and yearning 
to be expressed and shared
and the Love that we are made of cannot 
stand back any longer ...
it has expanded and become too strong 
to be held back and kept on a leash.

We have reached a point 
in our conscious awareness and growth, 
where the Light within cannot be shunned 
any longer!

The Peaceful Light Warriors within 
have turned on all the light switches and are tuning up
all the dimmers, so that all the belief systems
and definitions of Life that we inherited, 
that hold us back and at times make us completely blind 
to the opportunities that we are provided all day long,
can be clearly seen and evaluated in this new light
through our own senses of Self Love, 
 letting us know what is making us
Feel Good (our true purpose) and 
what is Not!

This inward ... internal fiery re-investigation
revealing hidden fears to us, 
is pushing us to 
dive deeper still and review our life (again.)

I believe that during this time/cycle 
what we have not seen/ remembered for a very long time
is about to be brought to our awareness.
We are about to begin to recall and claim
  our Divine Creative True Self on a whole new level,
that will take us onto a brand new, 
and a fun still challenging new climb of life experiences, but 
also show us
what holds us back in fear and procrastination, 
so we can Let Go.

Since this is happening 
in the deep waters of Scorpio,
 it feels to me like we are about to dive down 
into the depths of the most spectacular and colorful ocean,
peaceful and quiet, 
like inside the eye of a hurricane, 
yet it is holding the highest resonance of who we are ...

I can see us reaching 
the depths where we have already been,
where we first started glimpsing the true magical colors,
that Life holds, 
where the contrasts of life shine the brightest;
We know these waters and
we will enter without fear this time!

I believe there is a treasure to be found for all of us,
a grail filled with unknown mysteries,
 revealing, integrating and bringing the truth 
about us to a whole new level of knowing.

 I know that it will be my discovery 
during this cycle of spiraling out of control growth,
like a wild fire gone crazy.
We will all of us, 
in one way or another, 
be standing on the brink of a black hole, 
a sacred cave of the unknown of who we are ...
that we agreed to forget entering this earth experience.

If we choose 
to jump into the unknown depths of this inner cave 
and we fully believe and trust that 
our leap of faith and change will carry us and 
keep us completely safe and provided for, 
because we now remember and know,
 that safety grows from within,
we will have a smooth ride.
We now know to seek within for safety, 
not to look to the outside for false signs safety.

We could if we choose,
 enter the most exciting
and success filled journey 
founded in Self Love with no judgment.
We could begin a way of Life
by being the change we wish to see (first) 
without proof of change outside.
As we gradually see our perception of our world change
we know that 
we are changed and life will be forever new.


with Love and Peace in perfect Harmony,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016



I have to tell you,
Life gets pretty interesting, when 
these linear ideas loosen their grips around my perception
of Life and my reality and how it should unfold.
I keep forgetting things and 
the worst is I forget, that I forgot, what I forgot
until somebody reminds me ... 
99% of the time it makes life 
unpredictably interesting and exciting,
except for that last 1%, 
 when the linear structures ruling earth life
remind me that I am way overdue ...

It is like living with one foot still in the old world 
and the other foot outside in the new ...
trying my best to keep my tiny boat in a steady  flow 
on an infinite ocean constantly in motion.
This is my specialty lol
straddling  many worlds at the same time, 
astrologically the song of my life,
0.0 cusp Sagittarius - Capricorn,
on the cap side, counting the minutes ...

I say, 
it all feels so alien to me, 
from time to time to be "overdue" in my life these days,
when in my reality it feels like I'm always 
promptly on (my) time :) ...

I have to share, that I am truly 
excited and thrilled to learn from this challenge,
 that I've been seeking (and am finding)
and learning how to feel completely Safe 
even when my life, the life that was, dissipates around me,
ignited by (much softer these days) abrupt shifts and changes, 
that are inevitable as the whole paradigm 
of our earth life perception is in transition,
 with leaps and bounds.

The rules we have leaned on for safety and survival 
are dissolving before our very eyes,
 because we have changed and 
are continuously changing within.
Are we ready to perceive these changes in physical?! ?
or are we holding onto the old ways ...

The need for control is intensifying ...
individually and collectively, 
for the people in leading positions 
still in the illusion of being in Power over,
as this illusion of being in control is fading away ...
A battle where there is nothing but 
Letting Go and Surrendering 
to  completely Trusting in Love, 
as the only adhesive that can glue 
the shattered pieces of our own personal dreams, 
our own Truth
back together to unite with who we Truly are.

Humans are funny this way ...
when we see that we are loosing control
we become obsessive and paranoid
and try to micromanage life and the people in it,
to gain our illusion of control back.
Lucky us!
it is a self sabotaging negative ego (fear) mechanism.
The Life or the people we try to control will run and 
always disappear  
and our actions of control turn around like a bumerang
and we have to own it ...
When somebody/something wants to go ...
Just Let Go!

The only way 
we can feel Safe is to know Our Selves,
and to understand the cause and effect of our choices
that we make
from the thoughts and feelings we are transmitters of,
through the resonance we use to communicate with
within our Universe;
 the reality we have co-created with the belief systems 
we have agreed to be keepers of 
until we make a decision to choose new ones ...

The belief systems and definitions,
that we believe to be true (for whatever reason)
 make us choose to be what we are, and 
make us relate to 
our outside worlds and circumstances and humans 
the way we do.

Are we relating with Love or with Fear
allowing or judging??!

that the outside is merely an illusion of mirrors
revealing to me, who I have become, 
and to You, who You have become...
so we can change what we don't resonate with 
and embrace that which we Love  ...

Be the Change You wish to see ...

We know we have changed
when we find ourselves laughing at circumstances
that used to create drama and chaos in our lives.

We know we have changed
when we feel abundantly rich without swimming in money.

We know we have changed
when we feel loved and loving without needing someone 
to tell us that we are.

We know we have changed 
when we can see more than one perspective
of a situation without judgment.

We know we have changed 
when we realize that we are all here to experience the same life 
from different points of  views.

We know we have changed
when we face our challenges as eager students,
knowing that we have the power to 
change our point of view to one that we prefer
any moment of every day.


with Love and Peace in Perfect Harmony,